Asshole Conscious

A Grandstream brand landline with a 12-inch cord placed accordingly next to a stack of post-it notes, ascending in order according to size. Pale yellow, baby blue and the pale yellow again. A pair of communal scissors with the name “Benson” written on the inner handle in black, faded marker. Green and blue colored, cheaply […]

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In-flight deterioration

Boeing 737. Seat 25A. Window. I’m on the second leg of a point A to point B, yet I don’t want to get to where I am going. There’s a woman next to me also feverish typing something out on her phone. Curiosity persists and I cave in. I lean back to steal a glance, […]

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Choices // Permanence

A real-life domino effect. By making one choice you can simultaneously close the door on multiple directions, pathways and experiences that may have been brought on by another. In some instances, this dilemma is never considered; for it is certain the current choice is the correct one. A blind eye is then turned to all […]

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Bölzer – “Hero”

  The idea that many, many people will go their entire lives without hearing this record actually brings me physical discomfort. I have to be honest though, when Bölzer’s “Hero” came out last year, it flew right under my radar. This is something I’ll regret for years to come, as I could have been berating my […]

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